Design Concepts for 
Web and Social Media

I was asked to speak to a small networking group for my Chamber of Commerce about the design business. I reviewed basic concepts of design work in relation to social media and web design.

I reviewed blogs from for research.

Some points which I stressed for design related social media marketing for business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus:
  • Make content creative, relevant and aesthetically pleasing
  • Encourage user-generated content
  • Use hashtags
  • Link to other sites
  • Have a content strategy
  • Schedule time to dedicate to social media
  • Track performance
  • Have clear goals, do not waste your time and money
  • Be consistent with current marketing campaigns
  • Make sure results coming in are relevant to your business

These are tips which I discussed for website design for business:
  • 3 second rule, you have 3 seconds to get the user's attention
  • Your web design has to be responsive to all screens
  • Have white space around and within your design for easier reading and focus
  • Use easy to understand action words
  • Link to other sites
  • Track performance
  • Bulleted copy is good for delivering specific information
  • Content should show how you can solve problems
  • Content should include features of your products and services
  • Use original professional photography, overviewed stock can degrade your brand
  • Make a connection with the user and your brand
  • Headings should be relevant to searchable items by the customer
  • Consider that headings are picked up more than content by search engines
  • Use consistency in heading sizes, font choices, color schemes, spacing, design elements, illustration and photography styles for a coherent theme throughout you website and all of your marketing pieces


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