Trust. Efficiency. Understanding. Teamwork.

A strategic relationship between a designer and her client happens through trust, efficiency, understanding and teamwork. A designer’s greatest strength for business comes from the ability to keep the client and the client’s goals in her process of design thinking.

Through design research, an expert designer will zero into a client’s business pain points. Working with the client, a designer becomes a business consultant, evaluating design and business plans already used. Information, such as consumer behavior and purchasing, market competition, industry rankings and social trends, is collected and examined.

When writing the creative brief, the designer and the client determine what projects and plans are needed. The creative brief sets up the guidelines for projects by working through potential graphics, techniques and content that can be used. The brief clarifies client preferences, intricate business strategies and organized objectives for the business.

The success of a business project can be influenced by the quality of the creative brief and the partnership established between the designer and her client. The designer will deliver plans to make successful customer connections, reach sales objectives, attain a favorable market place, make investors happy and follow through on corporate goal, vision and mission statements.

Examples of ways an investment in design can be shown are in looking more professional, being taken more seriously, completing sales and increasing followings on social media and subscriptions services.

Adding a designer to a business team guarantees success through the delivery of an understandable, consistent, engaging and interactive customer experience.


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