Why use a professional designer for your logo?

A logo gives a company an individual look that customers can clearly recognize and differentiate from its competitors. This can be accomplished by having a well thought out concept and identifiable artwork and typography.

A company owner may not realize how much their credibility depends on how their target audience responds to their professional image. If the logo appears to be amateur and thrown together, customers may expect that kind of business from the company.

A company friend, family member or employee who dabbles in graphics, an employee of a local print shop, a design competition website or a designer offering an extremely low price may not have the company's best interests in mind or the training to provide the level of research and professional work required to produce an effective logo.

With a professional designer, copyright issues will be averted, the company image will appear professional, reliable, and exclusive, and should receive positive feedback resulting in a logo that does not need to be redesigned right away.


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