Recent Interview by Michael Hughes of All About Business

Why I chose this business. I have been an artist since childhood and have enjoyed adapting my highly skilled fine art, calligraphic and typographic training for business purposes.

What is unique about my business compared to my competitors. I am not a cheap, or over-priced, high-volume turnaround, cookie cutter, graphics business looking to take advantage of clients.

I take time to get to know each client, their target audience and their competitors. A visual communication strategy going from present to 
future projects is created for each client using proven creative problem solving techniques.

I have been “classically trained” in the hands-on traditional methods of my trade as well as the intricate, up-to-date technological methods. A unique focus is taken on effective, high-quality, boutique firm level design that delivers an individual, well researched and communicated creative strategy for all marketing pieces — producing results.

My success comes from established client and personal relationships, having top notch mentors in my field, and sticking to my emphasis on custom, high-quality, boutique firm level design, from the copy writing, 
to the imagery, to the typography.

I attract new clients by networking, attending chamber events,  communicating with graphic design trade organizations and soliciting recruiting services.

I continue to grow my business by constantly reading, undergoing training, connecting with other boutique level designers and mentors.

Ideas for projects come from long walks, trips to the local art museums, reviewing design annuals and lots of research.

If I was not in this line of work, I would be a scientist.


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