Stop, Follow, Communicate

Above is my theme for my presentation to the GSPACC on visual communication, branding and marketing. The topics covered subjects such as graphic design, print design, illustration, web design, brand, logo, identity, inbound marketing, outbound marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and planning tips to get started. Some of the highlights include:
  • Consistent use of shapes, colors, imagery, typography and space 
  • Branding should carry over into all print and web materials for things such as font choices, color scheme, graphics and photography 
  • Web materials must be accessible and understandable on all versions of electronic devices and screen sizes 
  • Branding can cover many abstract corporate identities including such things as a logo, customer service, employee management, product packaging and advertising and even interior design 
  • Color is key in brand differentiation 
  • Inbound marketing is blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, enewsletters, whitepapers, SEO, social media marketing and other content marketing 
  • Outbound marketing is direct mail, radio, TV advertisements, sales flyers, telemarketing and traditional advertising 
  • Content marketing involves creating and sharing media and publishing content to attract customers 
  • Social media marketing involves creating content that attracts attention and gets shared on their social networks 
Plan, educate yourself, do your research, look at the big picture, and do not settle for "good enough." Make your identity and marketing plan great!


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